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This is a New York story

BYE BYE NEW YORK - it's been the best of times, it's been the worst of times. Hat: Got...
This is a New York story

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photo-21BYE BYE NEW YORK – it’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times.

Hat: Got it at Nordstroms
Sunglasses: STELLA MCCARNTEY (link)
Jeans: H&M
Bag: GIVENCHY (link)

I’m loving the ad for the movie winter’s tale – “This is not a true story it’s a love story”. Unfortunatelly this is not a love story, this is a New York story.

I was only planning on staying in New York for 2 days for my meetings and come back later in the spring to enjoy the city. Since I am not really a fan of cold weather. My first 2 days in New York was perfect (minus some robbing set backs, street smart isn’t my nickname.) The apartment was perfect, the sun was shining, New York was exactly what I had pictured it to be. Yellow cabs and traffic lights, rough streets and people in timbs screaming at each other.. My only question was where is Drake? (Yes, he is my only celeb crush.) I hated Times Square of course for the same reasons I hate Hollywood blvrd. But still a must see. I took a quick look at Central Park. Would die for a horse and carriage ride there like Carrie and Big. “Not corny. It’s classic.” Maybe next time!

After my 2 days in New York was over I had planned for me to go to L.A on the 12th. Unfortunately the cold NYC weather took things to a whole other level the day I was going. A major snowstorm hit the city and everything became pure chaos. Traffic was insane, cars couldn’t come through and got stock in snow and I missed my flight.. And since all the flights were getting cancelled because of the bad weather and Valentines Day was coming up and everyone wanted to go home to their loved ones there were no new flights for under 1000-2000 dollars. I mean good god.

Sad only begin to describe how I felt standing alone at JFK when I had missed the checkin literary with 5 minutes. I was hoping to get in on the next flight as a standby so I sent my whole bag to L.A with all my things but there was no way anyone was getting on as a standby for those flights. So now my bag was in L.A but I wasn’t. I spent the next 2 days crying on the phone to a very tired man in L.A. And I got to spend Valentines Day in New York all alone. I am so sorry, J face.


  • vilken underbar lägenhet du verkar ha haft. utsikten är ju helt insane! hyrde du den? eller är det en väns? jag ska nämligen till ny i slutet av året och detta hade ju varit perfekt!

    • johannaeo

      Jag hyrde den genom en sida på nätet. Bara googla lite så kommer det upp en massa. Men han som har denna lägenheten ska flytta nu till våren tyvärr.

  • Vilket visum reser du på egentligen? Ditt turistvisum måste ha passerat sitt bäst före-datum för länge sen?!

    • johannaeo

      Haha jag är också rätt chockad att jag fick komma in. Men nä jag har ansök ESTA vilket gäller i två år. Då får du åka in till USA och stanna 90 dagar i stöten under denna tiden. Men det finns inget maxtak för hur många gånger du får åka in 90 gånger utan det bestämmer dom vid gränskontrollen.

  • Hej! Din givenchy väska, är det size small??

  • pimpong

    MAJ GAAAD, dessa öronmössor! Måste ha en nu! Snart får grannens katt sätta livet till…

  • Hej Johanna! Vilken färg är det på din Givenchy väska? Jag har letat överallt men det känns inte som att jag hittar samma färg, blir tokig snart! Dom andra är inte lika snygga tycker jag. Stay cool! x

    • johannaeo

      Jag kommer inte ihåg vad färgen heter tyvärr. Den ser ju lite ut som denna:
      Men min är i ett annat läder. När jag kollar nu ser alla ut att vara väldigt glansiga, mitt läder är mer matt och rynkor eller vad man ska säga. Men tror det är samma färg i alla fall. Men just min är ju lite gammal så just den är nog slutsåld. Good luck! xx

  • mikaela

    I don’t really understand people who miss their flights… I have a friend who almost always misses her flights and I don’t get it! If there is a snow storm, why not leave like 3 hours early so you know for a fact that you could basically run to the airport in that time 😀

    • johannaeo

      Haha, I have missed my flight 2 times. One other time in London. I had no idea there was going to be a snowstorm, and it was sun all day and then it just changed. But it is bad planning also I admit. Bad planning and bad luck that is what makes a normal person miss their flight 😉

  • You’re just adorable with that beanie! and btw, great shots!

  • Men va?! Blev du rånad? Fan vad tråkigt.. Men du måste berätta ju!!!!!!!!! Hur hände det? UuUuHh. Var det läskigt som tusan? Haha!

  • isabella

    Hi i love your blog! Your style is the perfect combination of chic and casual, adore it !

    I love the white pant, which H&M pant is this and what size do you wear? I want a nice pair of white jeans, i tried paige but the looked like sh***

    Please never stop bloggin 😀

    • johannaeo

      Thank you!!!! 🙂 I’m in a 34. I don’t know what kind it is I just grabbed them quickly because I wanted a pair of white. H&M was basically the only store i Stockholm who had, haha. They have some really nice at Shopbop too though!

      I Won’t 😉

      Xx and thanks again sweetie!

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