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Girl on a budget

SHOES, BAGS, SUNGLASSES: The 3 things that can make or brake your outfit. To me you are only...
Girl on a budget

photo-2SHOES, BAGS, SUNGLASSES: The 3 things that can make or brake your outfit. To me you are only as hot as your shoes and it’s worth spending some extra $$$ on it. And if you think it doesn’t show that your sunglasses was only 10$ – you’re wrong.  You can still look cool and trendy with fast fashion accessories if your sense of style is on point.  Kudos to you! But can you look absolutely fabulous? No.

I buy fast fashion clothes all the time. Like Zara (the favorite of course), Monki, H&M, Sfera, Bherska, River Island etc. It isn’t that hard to find good fabic with a good design that isn’t designer. And looking for it actually is a hobby of mine (in stores, I can’t deal with it online.) But with shoes, bags and sunglasses there are more things to be mindful of and the quality of these cost more money for the designer to keep at a high level.

So it is extremely rare that I would ever buy a pair of sunglasses or a bag from either of these stores. And shoes are a no go aswell. Of course there are rare occasions when I find something nice and I feel like I just won the jackpot. But normally there is always something wrong with the shoe if it’s from a fast fashion store. How ever, some designers want to save on some money when making their shoes so they make these mistakes as well. So I wanted to point out to you what I’m always mindful of when shoe shopping:

Always look at the quality, design and execution of the following things:
The material, the zips or buckles, the heel and the sole.
If these aren’t at a high level the shoe might look good from a distance, but when your standing next to someone – it shows.

CECC-784010-BLK_03_1 copyLeft: Cecconello (here) Right: Brian Atwood (here)

Typical example of a good shoe vs. a bad shoe and here is why: First of all, can you believe these two shoes have the same heel hight? The heel on the shoes to the left are so awkward and will make your legs look thicker and your outfit look cheaper (I’m dead serious.) Secondly the shoe isn’t even that cheap (it’s 109€) but still it is in synthetic suede. That never works even if the design is cool. Secondly the zips are cheap looking and the seams are uneven (compared to the Brian Atwood’s on the right which are perfectly even.) And the sole is the thing I hate about them the most. It’s in an awful color of rubber with a shiny plastic finish and you can see how uneven the edges are.

But of course everyone can’t afford $500 and up worth of shoes. So here’s my tips:
1. Wait for the sale.
2. Look for second hand on Ebay (don’t buy fake though!)
3. Consider quality over quantity. Or living on nudels for the month.

Sometimes you can find jackpot shoes among designer shoes like Michael Kors, Steven Madden, Nine West, Kurt Geiger etc. And they don’t have to cost you that much more than a pair of Zara heels. These are very stylish and cleaverly designed Nine West shoes for 91€.

Link here.


  • Please do more posts like this! It was so helpful! Would you be able to do one on what to look for in skirts/ shorts? Yours always look amazing.

  • I don’t know.. Like, I appreciate these kind of posts and your blog in general but you seem to take great pride in portraying a super materialistic, hard to reach and almost bitchy attitude and image that seems very unappealing and dated. The altering of pictures, posts that consist of mainly bags, sunglasses or shoes.. I don’t know what I’m trying to say but I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, I just had to “say” it out loud!

    • johannaeo

      Well it’s my style. I like those kind of things and way of life. Blair in Gossip Girl is my icon, haha. I hope most people find it a little bit funny since I’m very exaggerated and ironic in most things I write. Sorry you find it unappealing.

  • Michaela

    Gud vilket bra inlägg! Mer sånt här!! 🙂

  • Celine

    Vilket bra inlägg!

    Tack snälla Johanna!

  • Cecilia

    Följt din blogg ett tag nu och du skriver inte hur du försörjer dig? Bloggen kan inte vara din enda inkomstkälla?

  • Jag ar likadan, klarar inte av daliga material. Hellre en lite mindre, tidlos garderob med kvalitet och unik design. Mer sadana har inlagg tack.

  • Jättebra inlägg! Mer såna här skulle uppskattas.

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