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New in: Combat boots

I love my new combat boots from See by Chloe with light gold details and cut outs. I...
New in: Combat boots

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I love my new combat boots from See by Chloe with light gold details and cut outs. I think it’s the perfect edgier casual boots. I have been wishing for Balenciaga to do a new take on their boots but I never find anything that I like. So I’m glad I stumbled upon these and I think they are the perfect fit for dressing down my LV vivienne a little! What do you guys think?

Jag älskar mina nya combat boots från See by Chloe med ljusa guld detaljer och cut-outs. Perfekt för en lite mer edgy casual look. Jag har hoppats på att Balenciaga skulle göra en ny take på deras modell men det kommer aldrig in någonting jag gillar. Så är väldigt glad att jag snubblade över dessa och tycker dom är helt perfekt för att klä ner min LV lite och göra den lite tuffare. Vad tycker ni?


  • antonia

    i am not sure what i should think of them. i love the details – the cut outs and the gold is great BUT haha yes there is always a but i kinda dont like that they have something from doc martens. i think there is not one pair of shoe that i hate more then doc martens hahhaa i think they are sooo ugly. and from the front they look similar…but if you are happy with them that is all that matters <3 we all have a different taste and thats good. usually we have the same taste though 🙂 <3

    • johannaolsson

      Haha, I can see what you mean with the doc martens. But I actually like that they are a bit grungy. I think I can style it up and in the end it will turn out really cool 🙂 Thanks for your opinion as always sweet Antonia!

  • Decibel S

    I think they´re awesome for sure.. you´re so lucky to wear them.
    They are neat, chunky, detailed yet simple at the same time.. awfully great, 😉 <3

    • johannaolsson

      Hi Decibel, that is exactly what I thought of them! I love them because they are all these things at the same time which makes them a little grungy but not too much so they can still work with more put together attire!

  • Hey Johanna, I love this post, it is so editorial! I would really like to buy these shoes, do you know any website that might have them?

    xx From

    • johannaolsson

      Thank you so much Silvie! Try searching for Chloe cut out boots on If they are online somewhere you should find them through searching there! 🙂

  • Flawless shoes! and I’m so jealous of your Vivienne bag…

    • johannaolsson

      Thank you! Yes it’s still my absolute favorite bags!

  • I love these boots.. Perfection!

  • Perfect! They will go so well with your polished style.

  • Gud vad snygga!!

  • Besarta

    Väskan!!!! <3 vart har du köpt den? Jag har frågat efter den på LV i Sthlm och dem har bara tittat på mig som om jag vore dum i huvudet, haha.

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