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When it’s me time

It deeply saddens me that it's too cold to wear these amazing shoes outdoors right now! So apparently,...
When it’s me time

It deeply saddens me that it’s too cold to wear these amazing shoes outdoors right now! So apparently, I decided to wear them in the bathtub instead. I got them this December in Paris at the Biondini store at Champs-Élysées. You have to go there it’s such a beautiful store and just try on all the lovely shoes they have. What I love is that they even have collaborations with some designers to have colors exclusively for their stores. Love that! But anyway I got these Gianvito Rossi ones that I simply adore. Another thing I always get so many questions about when ever I post it on my social channels are these eyemasks that you can get here. Another new favorite scent of mine that you need to try is the Kalimantan scent from Chantecaille! It is just so magical! And also my favorite hair oil from Gisou by beautiful Negin Mirsalehi, it my absolute favorite hair oil and it’s based of honey.


  • Liana

    Everything about your design looks so proffesional and amazing, it is very fashion!

    • johannaolsson

      Thank you so much Liana, so happy you like it!

  • I love your new name, JOAODRE! It’s brilliant!! Hope to see lots of more updates here from now on! 🙂

    • johannaolsson

      Aw thank you, yes there will be lots of more updates coming your way :))

  • Its too messy 🙁 i liked your last blog design more. It was alot cleaner.

    • johannaolsson

      I think when you navigate around the website you will learn how it works and I hope you’ll find that it’s way better than my previous one. You still have all the new posts on the front page when you go into the blog. The new design just features some posts in between these and also my youtube channel. Just for you to be able to discover more of what you love! 🙂

  • This is simply stunning! Those shoes look absolutely insane!

  • Johanna where is the answers to your q/a that you did? Would love to get the answers to all my questions!

    • johannaolsson

      Oh, OMG when I shut down my old blog all my comments went away. 🙁 I will check if I can access the old comments on that post somehow and try to answer them for you!

  • Fanny

    I love your new website it is soooo cool!! I hope you will update a lot more now though!

  • Kendra

    WOW!!!! This is the coolest blog I have ever seen!

  • I AM OBSESSED with your new site. So aesthetically pleasing and so fashion. Very you!

    • johannaolsson

      Aw thank you so so much!! means a lot to me <3

  • Vilka örhängen ska man satsa på i år? 😄

    • johannaolsson

      Stora färgglada eller långa strass örhängen! xx

  • Wow! I just discovered your blog, and everything about it and this post is phenomenal! Everything is labeled clearly, and the whole aesthetic is very luxurious. It feels like I’m shopping at a boutique when I come to your blog. 😉

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