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What to wear to a summer wedding

post in collaboration with De Beers Summer weddings have always been a favourite thing of mine to attend....
What to wear to a summer wedding

post in collaboration with De Beers

Summer weddings have always been a favourite thing of mine to attend. There is already so much positive energy in the air during summer that makes my whole body spark with joy. But at weddings there is something absolutely magical in the air! Choosing the right dress, accessories and an overall look for a wedding can be somewhat of a tricky thing though. You obviously don’t want to take attention away from the bride but at the same time you want to look your best!

I personally prefer dresses that are fairly covered (for that reason), even if I wear for lots of other occasions, things that are a bit more daring. I like to choose pieces that feel pretty and romantic, especially for summer weddings, which allows me to still look elegant. For this look, I’ve chosen something that is a little bit playful (I love the dot detail on this dress), which I paired with my super cute green bag. This will pop alongside all the greenery that there usually is at a summer wedding!

However, my absolute favourite accessories to wear for an occasion like this are diamonds! Delicate ornate jewellery, like these beautiful pieces from De Beers, will leave a long-lasting impression whilst still being understated. These stunning diamonds from De Beers look exquisite when paired with my floaty dress, adding the right amount of sparkle. De Beers was founded over 130 years ago, and they are renowned for their pristine diamond quality. The brand has such an incredible heritage, which means you can wear their stunning pieces with pride.

For this look, I am wearing jewellery from their bridal designs, which I have paired with these incredible bracelets from their Enchanted Lotus collection. The collection is perfect for your first diamond piece. Whether you are a guest at a wedding this summer, or the actual bride yourself, this collection allows you to add a sophisticated and elegant level of sparkle at an accessible price. If you are going to invest in anything for a wedding, jewellery is perfect because of the sentimental value the pieces you choose to wear on the day will hold for ever.  If you are looking for an engagement ring yourself, De Beers also have their “For You, Forever” bespoke service, where you can have a diamond engagement ring individually crafted, starting at just £2000. 


Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold White Mother of Pearl Pendant
Aura Band
Aura Pink Diamond Rose Gold Band
Micropave White Gold Medium Hoop Earrings
Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold White Mother of Pearl Bracelet
Enchanted Lotus Openwork Rose Gold Bracelet
Caress in Rose Gold With Fancy Coloured Diamond
Aura White Gold Pendant

post in collaboration with De Beers

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