Maybe you already know a few bits about me, seen a picture of me on Instagram or on the Fashion Week Street Style pages, or maybe you haven’t. My name is Johanna Olsson. I’m 27. I live in Chelsea, London. I’m 165 cm. That is by the way one thing people keep saying when they meet me in person – that they thought I was taller. But I think most bloggers actually get that a lot. I love and respect clothes and design. In 2017 I launched a clothing collaboration with my designs of premium coats which sold out in a month. I absolutely love clothes! Most women either have a bag or a shoe thing, I have a clothes-thing (and okay, a little bit of a shoe thing as well.) 2 months out of the year you’ll find me at all the major Fashion Weeks and Couture week obsessing about the latest trends. I also love my family. We are all originally Swedish but my mom and dad lives in Spain. My sister is my absolute best friend and she actually works with me within my team so I get to see her a lot (like every single day.) And I love that! I love the combination of sorbet and a Bellini, it makes me happy! And I’m very passionate about my work and what I do!

I have been a blogger for over 10 years. That’s a long time in this young business and I couldn’t have been more proud that this is what I choose to do with my life. To have been a part of a new digital era in fashion, and in the world! To create my own space that I get to put my style and persona on and to be in a line of work where women rule, that’s the kind of inspiration I love to share every single day on my platforms! I now have a team of 4 people working with me and we work on campaigns we truly love with brands like Lancome, Cartier and MCM.

Starting 2018 I re-launched my site and JOADORE was founded. It basically stands for things I, Johanna Olsson, loves and adores. The journalistic side of blogging has never really been my thing though (it took me 2 weeks to finish this intro.) And that’s not really where I come from with blogging and what makes me happy to share. I love a more personal and relaxed way of story telling with imagery that feels like it’s in that moment, real, not staged, like you’re there with me. So I decided to make my blog, online magazine or what ever you would like to call it just that. You’ll find a well sorted and organized category section to sort through with curated and editorial content. But what ever I’ll share I want to have that personal and relaxed touch, which is by the way how I like to dress. Even if I wear Couture in Paris I want to forever have that effortless touch. It makes things real.

I hope you’ll find something here that you love,


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